The House of Goodbyes

Tails from the Compound and other memories...

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“Wow. Hold on to your heartstrings. Jeff Pillars is about to take you on the most powerful, poignant journey ever.

If you’re an animal lover like I am, you’ll smile, laugh, and cry at this wonderful compilation of the "fur babies" that have touched his life.

I guarantee this book will touch your life too.  Darn you, Jeff for making me cry - and God Bless you, for sharing your unselfish love for all of God’s creatures with all of us.”

Judi Sheeks, 

Author of “How The BLEEP Did You Find Me?!”

Stop the presses! Jeff Pillars has hit a home run!


Jeff opens the door to his heart and lets us see the laughter, tears, joy and heartbreak his beloved animals have brought him.


This touching book is worth every tear and smile. I loved it. 

Karen Devereaux Scioscia,

author of "Kidnapped By the Cartel" and past columnist for The Charlotte Observer



Jeff Pillars makes his literary debut with "The House of Goodbyes".  He began his career in entertainment shortly after graduating from Plainwell High School in Michigan when he earned a coveted spot in the professional company of The New Vic Theatre in Kalamazoo.  He traveled across the country with Kalamazoo Civic Theatre as “Count Gregor” in Neil Simon’s “Fools” earning critical acclaim from the harshest of critics.  When he married his wife, Gail, they moved south to pursue opportunities in the burgeoning film industry in North Carolina.  A key performance in “The Stepford Husbands” earned him meetings in LA and talks with industry magnates about a sitcom pilot.  Jeff went to work with John R. Cherry III on the immensely popular “Ernest”, both in front of, and behind, the camera, traveling from Vancouver, B.C. to Cape Town, South Africa.  After co-starring with Tim Curry, Dee Wallace and Charles Napier in “Pirates of the Plains”, he decided to stick close to home for a while and watch his young daughter, Haley, grow up.  A twist of fate landed him in the studios of “The John Boy & Billy Big Show”.   He hit it off with the hosts and began a new, nearly 20 year career, creating outlandish characters and outrageous comedy bits that still remain fan favorites.  It was on the Big Show that Jeff read the poem “Two Old Dogs” that he’d written in memory of his long time work mate, Shemp, who had passed away the weekend before.  It struck a deep chord with the listeners and before long, Jeff had shared nearly ten thousand copies of the poem with fans who requested it.  It was that single moment that propelled him to plant himself in front of the computer and chronicle the stories of all the animals that had found their way to his home.  For over thirty years, he and his wife, Gail, and daughter, Haley, have sacrificed for those who had no one else.  And “House of Goodbyes” is where their stories are told.  Jeff has already started his next two books; “Me vs. Depression”, a humorous look at his new and ongoing battle with depression; and “Christmas Carol 2: Humbugged”, a new Christmas story that takes place in the aftermath of Scrooge’s transformation.



Author Jeff Pillars is also an accomplished voice actor and radio personality.  Check out more of his work here.

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